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Message from the Founder Chairman:

'Doers do better than Listeners', the motto is often true and real. Indeed, it's my great pride and pleasure to express my personal experiences through my almost 18 years of a complete sacrificial service in this reputed organization. As a Founder Chairman of GUPS, I take great pleasure in highlighting the rational challenges mainly, often very versatile and hypothetical situation over my entire responsibilities. In fact, our wider and inspirational united consortium is tying up to establish a close relationship with the various experties in order to launch and boost the organizational motto. Similarly, the school management is also constantly working to remedy its concrete consistency and gradual development of the entire organization as per today's demand.

GPCRC provides the academy with highly experienced experts and valuable assistance to arrange and organize the events ranging from Noble Science Expo to continue and internalize the Co-Curricular Activities and other important responsibilities. In spite of all difficulties, the school management is considerably planning to develop a tangible platform to explore the joint-venture strategies and to find the meaningful solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

Furthermore, on behalf of the Board of Directorates, I sincerely, would like to commend all the valued Founder members, Managing Director, the Principal, B.Sc.Ag. Programme Co-ordinator, the Vice-Principal, Advisory members, all valued Paren1ts, Well-wishers, all Academic and Administrative staff and all dearest Students for overcoming all challenges to make the motto even more successful. In the end, may I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for their dedication and hard work.

Keshar Bahadur Ale

Founder Chairman